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Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ER watch

The watch that doubles up as an outdoor tool


Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ER Watch


A watch that stylishly combines the precision of a quality timepiece with the utility of an multi-functioning outdoor tool.


Unaffected by its baptism in the Indus River, this lightweight yet pleasingly substantial watch served as a compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter during a week of intense water rescue in the Pakistan floods. The watch withstood temperatures of over 47C, humidity of 100% and plenty of knocks but thanks to its ‘Wave Ceptor’ technology, which automatically updates the watches time, and scratch resistant mineral glass, it remained remarkably accurate and completely unscratched.

The watches chronograph appearance means it looks great when you’re off duty but its digital functionality ensures it works as hard as you do outdoors. Behind the slick facade is an impressive array of functions including three sensors that monitor changes in the Earth’s magnetism, atmospheric pressure and temperature, five alarms and a solar power rechargeable cell. Pressing one of three buttons brings up data and graphics on the digital display screen and, if you haven’t got a hand free to press the light on, turning your wrist by 40 degrees activates a small light at the bottom of the face.


This watch emerged unscathed from a week in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. In daylight, the altimeter, barometer and compass readings were easy to take and accurate. But in the dark, the watches light neither stayed on for long enough nor illuminated enough of the face to make taking measurements easy.