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Lightweight Camping by John Traynor

Learn how to strip away the complexities of life with lightweight camping
Lightweight Camping by John Traynor


Lightweight Camping by John Traynor


Explore the many varieties of lightweight tent, life and travel – including all the skills and essential equipment required – with this condensed practical guide.


Since surviving many chaotic camping trips in South Wales as a youngster, John Traynor has covered the globe on various camping trips from Iceland to South Africa, Canada to South East Asia. His empirical wisdom from years of living under canvas is condensed into this lighthearted, well-collated, easy read.

This book captures the freedom, spirit and simplicity that comes from camping in the outdoors. Whether you’re just beginning to consider your first tent, or you’re a seasoned pro-pitcher, Lightweight Camping covers every mode of tent and transport, from canoe to car in a range of environments.

Interspersed with history, personal trip anecdotes, pointers and gear guides, this book is as much a guide to living outdoors as it is taking a load off your shoulders – literally and figuratively.


With no hard and fast rules to camping, don’t expect a definitive checklist from this book. Do, however, expect endless tips and advice on tent life, etiquette, packing, planning, cooking, weather and equipment with plenty of stories in-between. Whether you’re on foot or riding a bike, driving to a public pitch or canoeing to a wild coast, this is a great little reference for every aspect of tent travel.

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