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Nike LunarGlide+ 2 (London 2011) Men’s Running Shoe

The trainer designed with the London Marathon 2011 in mind
Nike LunarGlide+ 2 (London 2011) Men's Running Shoe


Nike LunarGlide+ 2 (London 2011) Men’s Running Shoe


Delivering the plush cushioning and Dynamic Support of the original LunarGlide with better fit and comfort for the big race in London 2011.


These lightweight marathon runners have been designed for ‘under to moderate over pronators’ with Dynamic Support – a system in the midsole that offers on-demand response to your changing stride.

The Flywire upper holds the foot in place with strategically placed support only where needed, further reducing excess weight and keeping seams to a minimum.

The 30% lighter LunarLite Foam provides a super-springy buffer from unforgiving tarmac. This new compound was invented at Nike and delivers cushioning that evenly distributes the impact force and reduces pressure points on your foot.

So what’s the plus? Nike+ is a built in slot beneath the sock liner that holds a Nike+ GPS sensor to monitor and measure your progress. Used in conjunction with your iPod to alert you of laps the device will also let you know your pace, distance, time and calories burned.

The waffle pattern soles give great traction and flex without becoming mushy while carbon rubber under the heel provides superior abrasion resistance, giving your shoes longevity over all those miles of training.

At the heel base exterior is a visible plastic support that finishes abruptly into a fat and spongy achilles notch, keeping your heel cupped and stable even after months of use and lazy exits.


With Nike’s endless experience in running-shoe technology and sports fashion design you’ll not be disappointed with these styling trainers. Weighing approximately 370g each (10.5UK) you’ll be feeling light and bouncy in your new kicks. Trouble is, they look so good as urban wear with jeans, you won’t want to stink them out running.

  • Performance
    9 out of 10
  • Quality
    9 out of 10
  • Appearance
    8 out of 10
  • Value for money
    9 out of 10
  • WideWorld Rating
    9 out of 10

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