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29″ Swallow tail Carver skateboard

Carver's shorter wheelbase cruiser is the closest you'll come to surfing on a skateboard


29″ Swallow tail Carver skateboard


The 29″ Swallow handles fast and loose. The combination of short and wide is magic, because the shorter wheelbase makes pumping this board on the flats just effortless, but the extra width and concave makes it a comfortable cruiser, too. The kick tail completes the versatility, giving you some needed pop for kick turns and crack-in-the-road hopping, explaining why it’s been one of the longest running designs in the Carver line.

Unique to Carver skateboards is the C7 front truck, designed to create the same fluid dynamic for a skateboard that a surfboard has in the water. What gives it this ability is the extra axis of movement provided by the truck’s rotating arm, giving the nose of the board lateral thrust, in addition to the usual rail-to rail turn.


The surfing feel comes from Carver’s C7 dual-axis front truck which gives you the power to thrust your board forward by pivoting your turns off the back truck like having fins on your skateboard.

The shorter dimension of the Swallow tail make it easy to pump and get speed going from a standstill and around the flats. If you’re pumping the flats and driveway banks like a street surfing workout then the 29″ Swallow is perfect.

The wide deck with kick tail offers plenty of room for your feet providing stability to do smooth carves. You can also use your back foot on the rear trucks to snap turns, in the same way fins hold in the water while the surfboard pivots at the top of a wave.

The Swallow feels a little unstable at high speeds. If you’re street surfing hills you might want something a little longer, like the Carver 35″ Bitmap. The longer wheelbase can hold some speed but still can be a very quick turning board.


Carver’s fast pumping trucks are the closest thing to surfing a skateboard has ever come. No wonder professional surfers such as Taylor Knox use Carver boards to train on when the waves are flat!

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