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WideWorld to race in Helly Hansen trail marathon

Wideworld will be running the Helly Hansen Beauty and the Beast trail marathon at Stonor Park, Henley on Saturday the 22nd - come and support us and our friends from Helly Hansen

WideWorld will be racing in Helly Hansen’s Beauty and the Beast trail marathon this September 22nd. The epic race is a multi-lap course around the beautiful, steep hills of Stonor Park near Henley, nestled in the chalk downs of the Chiltern Hills. Helly Hansen have staked a claim to this being the toughest course of its kind in the UK – with the hardest and highest hill left for the end of each lap.

WideWorld are racing a crack team of three trail runners on the Saturday, and would like to invite more people to sign up at hellyhansenbeautyandthebeast - it costs between £30 and £40 to enter, depending on the size of your team.

What’s more, Helly Hansen are giving away free base layers to the first 50 people who trade in any old thermals – they don’t have to be Helly branded, either. Here’s what they’ve told us:

“The first 50 customers to bring their old baselayer (it can be any brand and any age BUT it must be a ‘technical’ base layer rather than a ropey old tee shirt) to Beauty and the Beast for recycling will receive a new HH baselayer free! It’s that simple. The 50 free Helly Hansen base layers given away will be subject to availability in terms of size but as long as you are in that queue and are willing to part with one of those bottom-drawer, never used old tops then it is time to enter now and set the alarm early for September 22nd.”

So, sign up now and let WideWorld know about your Beauty and Beast experience.