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American boy, 13, scales Everest

But how young is too young when it comes to the ultimate adventures?

by WideWorld


"Mom, I'm calling you from the top of the world." 

These were the words shouted down the satellite phone by Jordan Romero, a Californian teen who summited Everest this week, reaching the 29,035ft peak without incident.

Hot on the heels of 22-year-old Bonita Norris, the youngest British woman to scale Mount Everest, 13-year-old American Jordan Romero has become the youngest person ever to make the summit.

Romero set off from Kathmandu and is in the middle of an ascent  with his father and stepmother, who have accompanied him on all previous climbs. At the age of 10 he climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He has also conquered Mount Kosciuszko, Australia, Mount Elbrus, Russia, and Mount McKinley in Alaska.

The teenager from the town of Big Bear left a charm, a rabbit's foot, on the summit and planted seeds that a Buddhist monk at a local monastery had given him for luck.

The previous youngest climber to have summited Everest was Nepali Temba Tsheri, who reached the peak nine years ago at the age of 16.

Romero's climb has made some question how old you should be before attempting such a dangerous feat. WideWorld has featured many young people who have embarked on some incredible adventures. These include Katie Walter, 17, who is aiming to walk to the South Pole in the footsteps of Shackleton; a 15-year-old schoolboy who attempted to ski to the North Pole; and Mike Perham, who at 14 became the youngest person to sail across the Atlantic single-handed.

Legendary round-the-world yachtsman Sir Robin Knox Johnson told WideWorld that his concern is their emotional maturity and whether they can handle situations when things go wrong. "Some people are mature at 16. Others are not. There is a danger of parents trying to live their dreams through their children, which worries me," he said. "I think 14 is a bit too young for a long voyage like a circumnavigation, but youngsters have shown that 16 does not have to be too young."

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