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London to Cape Town in record time

10,000 miles...21 countries...3 under 13 days 8 hours 48 minutes

by WideWorld


Last weekend a three-man team left London for Cape Town in an attempt to beat the current record for driving between the two cities.

In order to achieve it, Mac Mackenney, Chris Rawlings and Steve Mackenney have to drive continuously, day and night for nearly two weeks, driving, eating and sleeping in the cramped confines of a Land Rover Discovery.

"Our journey will take us across Europe, Asia and Africa, where we will be subjected to heat, dust, noise and the constant movement of the car along potholed roads and gravel tracks," according to MacKenney.

The team is undertaking the challenge to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity that supports wounded soldiers from the conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan. "In 30 years time, these wars will long be forgotten but while the politicians who sent our soldiers to war are enjoying the rich pleasures of the lecture circuitÇ being wined and dined by big business, those who were injured will still be fighting, both physically and mentally," MacKenney says.

MacKenney's team's vehicle is fitted with a live satellite tracking system and you can follow their progress, read news and see photos as they embark on this adventure at:

To donate, visit:

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