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Ripley Davenport Announces Gobi 2011 Expedition

Famous British adventurer launches his new trek and documentary plans to cross the world’s fifth-largest desert

by Kraig Becker


British Adventurer Ripley Davenport has announced his plans for 2011 by launching a new website in support of his expedition to trek across the Gobi Desert. This new endeavour will spawn a documentary film about the trek and the team's interactions with the indigenous people of the Gobi, while also inspiring others to pursue adventures of their own.

Unlike his attempt to cross Mongolia on foot, which took place earlier this year, Ripley won't be going solo this time out. While he will serve as expedition leader, he'll be joined photographer and filmmaker Emmanuel Berthier and Christopher Schrader, who is a young endurance athlete and the youth ambassador for the expedition. The three men plan to set out on May 24th of next year, and expect the expedition to take approximately 60 days to cover the 1000-mile route through the Gobi.

The team is also looking for other adventurous people to join the fun, so if you have an interest in being part of the expedition click here

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