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Powermonkey-eXplorer portable charger

Ultra compact, tough and powerful with solar-slave for the truly self sufficient.

by Gareth Rowson



Powermonkey-eXplorer portable charger from Powertraveller


The lightest, most versatile charger that's tough, water-resistant and can run on the sun!


What more could you need than every conceivable mains charger and connector set to power your camera, phone, iPod, two-way radio, PSP or PDA? How about a solar-slave, so you can truly do away with plug sockets when you're adventuring?

The complete kit weighs in at 553g, but if you fancy the good life away from the mains in remote locations, your solar-slave and charge unit combined will weigh just 165g (.36lbs). The fold-out solar-slave will have the powermonkey one-third charged in just 6 hrs (the equivalent of one full cellphone charge), a doddle in hiking terms, especially as it attaches easily to your rucksack while you're on the move.

What's neat is that the charger goes one step further in outdoor friendly design by way of water resistant bungs on the connections and a tough outer shell.

This powermonkey-eXplorer set also comes with 1 x universal mains charger that works in over 150 countries and has interchangeable heads for UK, Europe, the US and Australia. There are also tips for Nokia and mini Nokia, retractable USB cable, micro USB, mini USB, Samsung G600, iPod/iPhone tip, LG Chocolate, Sony Ericsson wide connector, female USB and DC4.0 for Sony PSP. Include a pouch for storage, user guide and even an elasticated velcro strap for fastening the solar-slave to your rucksack and you're done.


The ability to power or charge your devices in any (sunny) location is an astounding feat when you are far from mains power supply. Despite the technology being nothing new, the fact that it is now so easily available to the general public is a great step forward in the adventure versus technology courtship for amateur adventurers.

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