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Tool Logic Survival Card

Because who needs credit cards when you're in the wilderness anyway?

by WideWorld


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Tool Logic Survival Card


A slim, light little package of essential survival tools that you'll actually use when you're outdoors.


At 37g and the same size as a credit card, it's certainly slim enough to take anywhere. The question is - will it actually contain anything useful? Well, the answer is yes. Compared to other card-sized toolkits like the Victorinox version, this has some interesting additions that make it less office-friendly and more of a bush favourite. Take the blade  - a good serrated edge that gets through rope, plus it's got a handle you can lash on to sticks to make a harpoon or spear. It's got an LED torch that shines bright enough to read maps by. It's even got a magnesium alloy firestarter, which is a genius idea for what is essentially a flat penknife.


It might not outshine your Swiss Champion or Leatherman in the sturdy stakes, but it packs enough of a difference to make a great compliment to your kit.


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