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Fly to 10,000 feet with a Zenith Paramotor

The easiest way to get airborne, using a piece of kit that fits in the boot of your car
Parajet's new Zenith paramotor

The Zenith Paramotor is probably the easiest way to get airborne. Created by British company Parajet, the Zenith is precision engineered by robots to be simple to use, reliable and easy to maintain. Which is good to know, when you’re strapping on a miniature engine and large propellor to your back and taking to the skies.

Paramotoring requires no license, just a few days of training and a bit of pluck. The engine and propellor are seated on a backpack and bum harness that you strap on, which all connects to a parasail. While the sail gives you lift, the paramotor gives you speed and power, freeing you from the requirements of thermals and favourable winds.

The Zenith is the brainchild of UK engineering whiz Giles Cardozo, who once flew a paramotor over Everest with Bear Grylls, and even developed a paramotor-equipped dune buggy which he flew across the Straits of Gibraltar, drove through most of the Sahara and then flew in to Timbuktu.

His company, Parajet, are offering 6-day training courses for novices and advanced flyers in both Wiltshire and the Pyrenees this summer. Costing £745, the price included equipment hire, fuel, on-site transport and – luckily – insurance.

Find out more at Parajet.com


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