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Vivobarefoot Evo Cross-trainers

The high performance minimalist barefoot cross-trainer
VIVOBAREFOOT Evo Cross-trainers


VIVOBAREFOOT Evo Cross-trainers


All the health benefits of being barefoot with multi-terrain protection


While they may take some getting use to the Evo cross-trainers from VIVOBAREFOOT are bound to kick some muscles into shape with all the evidence to suggest a reduction in running injuries too (Blowing out your calves trying your usual distance on your first run excluded).

Designed to get you running the way nature intended, on your toes, you might want to adjust your running regime and build up your newly awakened muscles over a period of six weeks.

With 4mm soles, you’ll feel the rocks but they won’t bruise the balls of your feet. Created in conjunction with podiatrists, movement specialists and biomechanics experts, the Evo is the ultimate minimalist running shoe that allows your natural posture and running style to correct itself from bad heel cushioned habits.

A TPU cage uses a lightweight mesh with microfiber reinforcements to provide great breathability on your multi-terrain adventures. With little toe protection you could potentially stub one, but the barefoot technique makes you somewhat more aware and cautious of your stride minimising that possibility.

They are packed with technology too, from a bamboo-charcoal footbed to puncture resistant directional grip, recycled this, non-toxic that, you name it, VIVOBAREFOOT have put everything into these 215g trainers.


Definitely a shock to the system for first timers, your calves won’t know what hit them. Questionable styling may have some quizzically wondering if you’re wandering around in wetsuit booties, such is the sheen on the fabric and low profile. Overall though they are less inconspicuous than their five finger competitors and offer a great range of casual trainers for everyday use too.

  • Performance
    8 out of 10
  • Quality
    8 out of 10
  • Appearance
    6 out of 10
  • Value for money
    5 out of 10
  • WideWorld Rating
    8 out of 10