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Rohan launch new canopy cape

Half coat, half tent but all-weather: Rohan's latest design offers shelter from showers for everyone

Rohan have launched a new coat that you can wear like a cape, but also use as a portable shelter from the weather. The Canopy Cape is a versatile poncho that features eyelets around the bottom hem so you can use it as a groundsheet or even a small shelter from the rain and wind.

The fabric itself is 62 g/m polyamide, the same as you’d find on the hardiest mountain tent, and it’s also treated with waterproof silicone to create a true barrier to the elements. It can fold into the chest pocket for easy packing, and is even cut longer at the back so it can be worn over backpacks.

The canopy cape comes in two sizes – a long version in Landmark Green (£85) and a shorter version (pictured) in Neptune Blue (£75) – ideal for festivals, camping, hiking and even a temporary shelter for keeping your camera equipment dry on shoots.

Find out more at the Rohan site here