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Surfing Europe’s big waves

Action surf footage taken in Portugal, Nazare and Mullaghmore Head, Ireland,
Sebastian Steudtner big wave surfing in Ireland. (c) www.cmcleod.com

Big wave surfers Sebastian Steudtner (Germany) and Tom Butler (England) had a busy winter chasing huge swells around Europe. Documented in this video are a few action clips from two of the heaviest sessions they surfed. Mixed in with the action are two training sessions the boys filmed in Nuremberg, Germany, Sebastian’s hometown. Road cycling is a big part of their training programme, as is boxing. The surfing action is filmed at Prai de Norte, Nazare.

The new year triggered two huge swells: the Atlantic had awoken. But unfortunately so had a bronchitis infection on German surfer Sebastian Steudtner’s lung! Meeting back in Nazare, the Boys played key roles in the highest documented big wave session in Europe this year. Surfing and Rescuing one another out at Nazare on the 13th of January, the day Shane Dorian pushed the Euro boys to paddle into the biggest waves to date in Europe. Sebastian’s role was to make it outta bed, still ill and keep Tom and the rest of the boys safe, and make crucial rescues on the Jet-ski.

One week later the boys flew into Ireland and touched down in the snow at Belfast international airport. They had made the journey in order to surf in the Mullaghmore Big wave event. Waves were breaking over 15ft every 45 minutes – not enough to go around and run an event in one day meant staff had to call the event off until a bigger, more favorable day. Despite this, a few jet-skis launched into the waves regardless and Sebastian surfed a draining tube, riding the 20ft barrel the entire length of the reef just to get eaten by her at the last minute.

The pair are focusing on the winter 2013/ 2014 season now, preparing to take on the biggest waves on the continent.


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