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WideWorld launched in May 2009 to deliver breathtaking words and pictures to a growing band of adventurers, armchair explorers, travellers and outdoor sport enthusiasts. Whether we’re getting our hands dirty with extreme TV adventurer Bear Grylls, talking surf spots with Kelly Slater, finding out what we need to do in order to hurtle down whitewater rapids in a kayak, learning how to cook decent grub over a campfire or discovering why there are so many precociously young people trying to sail across the ocean, we’re relaying all this good stuff to you on a daily basis.

WideWorld is proudly brought to you by Outlaw Publishing, a company set up by British journalists Ed Chipperfield and Alex Hannaford.

WideWorld brings you news and gear reviews, plus in-depth features, interviews and advice on a regular basis – penned by a dedicated and (mostly) attractive team of freelance writers and photographers. We also enjoy fantastic relationships with a variety of PRs who tell us about great new books, gear or clothes they think you’d like to buy.

Want to contact someone? Go ahead. Make our day.

General Enquiries

If you want to get in touch with us for any other reason, or just to say hi, email: [email protected]

Find us on Twitter @wideworldmag

Or even pay a visit to our office:

WideWorld Magazine
Unit 11, Princeton Court
55 Felsham Road
SW15 1AZ


Ed Chipperfield

Over the past 13 years, Ed, who is based in Oxford, England, has been attacked by dolphins in the Red Sea, ridden bulls in Louisiana and posed for photos in a bath filled with rattlesnakes. He’s a keen climber, canoeist and camper who has yet to finish off his dream list of bagging all Arctic nations. It’s now just Greenland for the clean sweep. You can reach him by phone on +44 (0)7739 516 264 or email at [email protected]

Alex Hannaford

Alex has been a jobbing hack for 13 years too, during which time he has been held up by vigilantes in Nigeria, paddleboarded next to a 12-foot alligator and befriended a serial killer on death row. He loves hiking, kayaking and swimming in rivers and he learned to surf last summer but would now like to hone his, er, skills. You can contact Alex in the USA on 00 1 214 755 2539 or on a UK number (as long as you remember the time difference) 0207 193 5602 . Alternatively, email him at [email protected]


Gareth Rowson

Gareth is WideWorld’s very own James Bond. He likes running up erupting volcanoes for fun, or spending his weekends kayaking 40 miles in some of the most dangerous currents on the planet. To relax he enjoys playing in high alpine snow with a board strapped to his feet, and he is counting down the days until he’s a qualified skydiver. He’s also devastatingly handsome to boot. Far more than the rest of the motley bunch. To contact Gareth, email him at: [email protected]