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O’Neill Psycho 3 wetsuit

O'Neill's Psycho 3 is bursting with new features


O’Neill Psycho 3 wetsuit




Lightest, most flexible wetsuit on the market


Ever since it launched, O’Neill’s Psycho range has led the pack in developing lightweight and more flexible wetsuits to help surfers around the world surf more freely and more radically. The Psycho 3 is bursting with new features all designed to take lightness and flexibility to a new level.

The watertight and stitch-less glued seam throughout the wetsuit, dubbed the Super Seam Weld, is much thinner and lighter than on the Psycho 2. This 60% reduction in width has resulted in more stretch in the seams, which is where the stretch is most restricted in all wetsuits.

The most exciting feature of the Psycho 3 is the use of a new type of super light and flexible neoprene throughout the wetsuit. O’Neill claims its Techno Butter Neoprene is the most advanced super stretch neoprene on the market – being up to 20% lighter and absorbing 30% less water than its rivals.

Combine these two advances with the new upper body water-wicking insulating lining, the chill-resistant smooth skin panelling, the water-tight cuffs, the back entry zip with drain hole, and you have one of the lightest, stretchiest and warmest wetsuits out there.


For O’Neill to retire their best-selling Psycho 2 range for something new, it had to be special. With the Psycho 3, the brand from Santa Cruz has once again raised the bar on high performance wetsuits.

O’Neill have combined 60 years experience of making wetsuits with the most advanced materials on the market to produce one of the lightest, most flexible wetsuits out there and let your surfing do the talking.

For the UK, the 3/2mm is most suitable for the summer months or when the water is above 16C (61F). The 4/3mm is good for autumn and spring or when the water is in the 10C to 16C (50C to 61C) range. For colder temperatures, the 5/3 is for you.

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