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Top 10 surfboards for under £300

Hang Ten for thirty tenners

Thinking of going surfing but don’t want to splash out on an expensive board you might not use until next year? WideWorld brings you its list of ten top-selling surfboards, all under 300 quid.

The general rule of thumb for surfboards is the smaller the size of the board, the harder it is to use. A larger board will be more buoyant in the water, helping less confident surfers stay afloat. The smaller boards, used by experienced surfers, require more muscle in the legs to keep above the water and to maintain control.

Surfboards divide into different categories with the main ones being shortboards, mini mals, and longboards. A longboard (or Malibu) is much longer than a shortboard and are not used to go fast or do tricks, but give the user lots of balance so they can just cruise along on the smaller waves -  though they are not necessarily that easy to use. Mini mals (as in mini Malibu) are similar to longboards in shape but a bit shorter so they are easier to control and better to handle.

In general the best surfboard for a beginner is a Funboard which is a fairly long and wide enabling beginners to balance more easily due to their volume and they are also more buoyant so they help you stay afloat from the word go.

With help from sortedsurfshop.co.uk, here is our pick of the best…

NSP Betty

7’ 2”, £264

This is a board aimed more at girls, with a feminine design and less cumbersome size. Its length gives it better balance on the water than some other smaller boards.

Southern Swell Quad Fish

6’ 4”,  £289

This ‘fish’ board is part of the Circle One range and is regarded as a board that’s designed for experts who want something that is fast and good for tricks.


7’ 3”, £239 

This mini-mal is, according to Sorted Surf shop, the best selling surfboard in the world. It is an all-rounder, excellent for learners but also good for those with more experience.

NSP Funboard

6’ 8”, £259

This board is excellent for beginners and intermediates though it could be used by anyone.  It would be a good first board for people who want to have fun without too much trouble!


7’ 2”, £289

One of the less common boards on the market, they are stylish and made to very high standards despite being reasonably priced.

Osprey OSX

6’ 6”, £250

This shortboard is shorter than many so is much better for a surfer who has been surfing for some time.

Circle One

6’ 2″, £299

Another one that may be too difficult for a learner, but if you are more of an expert, surf away!

Natural Rhythm Wavehog

6’ 10”, £250

This thick but relatively short surfboard, could be good for an intermediate or perhaps even as a first board due to its manageable shape and weight.

BIC Wahine

6’ 7”, £198

This is a shortboard designed for women and is good for slightly more advanced surfers or people who have been surfing a while, and are thinking of moving on to something slightly more challenging.

Surf Series

6’ 7”, £199

This is an excellent value board made from epoxy resin so it should last a long time. You can get it in a range of sizes and they are great for anyone on a budget looking to learn more on a board, whether beginner or expert.


To find out more about the boards, visit www.sortedsurfshop.co.uk a shop based in Bournemouth, where you can find out details on how to get your hands on one.

You can also find out more about the Natural Rhythm Wavehog surfboard  at www.tvsurfshop.co.uk