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Lifeproof iPhone Case

Waterproof smartphone case for adventurers


Lifeproof iPhone Case




Waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, shock proof


This fully sealed case offers superb protection for your iPhone. Unlike so many other water proof cases on the market, this one is a mere 10.8mm wide, keeping as much of the slim integrity of the original phone as possible. Through any combination of sweat, snow, sea and soil, your prized possession remains protected. With the case permanently on, it needn’t head below deck when out at sea, or get shoved in your backpack at the first sign of drizzle. You can carry it in your pocket all day long without a second thought to your activity.

  • Waterproof acoustic vents allow mic and speaker clarity
  • Optical glass anti-reflective lens maintains the quality of your images
  • Shock-absorbing rear cover and sides with a tough polycarbonate frame
  • Scratch-resistant screen protector
  • Waterproof to 2 metres


If your preference is for the outdoors, rain or shine, then the peace of mind you get from your phone being protected and readily usable at any time far outweigh the niggles. Some may find frustration in unscrewing the port plug every time headphones are required (and remembering the adaptor for it) or ensuring the lens is free from lint (as the lens is not flush). The screen protector is never going to allow as sensitive a touch as a naked iPhone, and it can create rainbow halos when it comes into contact with the screen. The reality for most outdoor types though is this is a small price to pay for a phone at your fingertips whatever the weather.

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