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Berghaus Mera Peak jacket

Mountaineering coat with a deceptively simple design


Berghaus Mera Peak jacket


Four-season mountain jacket for clever layering


We’re glad that Berghaus managed to send this over before the snow hit the UK this winter. It has been a Godsend. How they manage to make a jacket this light and thin perform so well is nearly beyond us.

Made with a 2-layer GORE-TEX shell, the materials used in making the Mera Peak qualify for the most rigorous weather tests: not one speck of damp is going to pierce this shell, and sweat just evaporates without any build up, even when you’re pulling maximum exertion. We didn’t even need to look for the pit zips to flap open when we got warm.

The design is simple and pleasing: a light mesh inner and soft inside collar provide the comfort on the inside, while easy-to-adjust cuff straps, neck and waist cords allow you to customise the fit in seconds even with frozen digits.

The hood is where Berghaus really let rip in the design stakes: a neat double fold unleashes a head-hugging lid with a stiff peak and a collar that snorkels up round the chin. Lined and snug, this hood really stands out as a great selling point.

In the field, the Mera Peak stands up for itself. Aside from the warmth that you can get using this as your outer layer, we were most impressed by the fact that everything can be adjusted without any hassle, wearing gloves, in the worst of conditions. Tiny details like the special gripping tabs on the cuff adjusters make popping gloves under the cuff a cinch, while the hoood proved easy to erect and adjust to a neat tightness around our head. Folding the hood back took a bit of practice without taking the jacket off again, but the firmness it lends to the collar is well worth it.


Weighing in at just 746g, this is a lightweight jacket with heavyweight talent. Simple and smart design won’t disappoint buyers, and this is a valuable asset to anyone looking to top off a good layering system for hard outdoor use.