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Michael Palin’s adventures in photography – new show opens

Find out the real stories behind Michael Pallin's incredible adventures by visiting a new exhibition of photography shot on location by Palin's personal photographer
© Basil Pao

“Travels with Michael Palin” is a new show at the Royal Geographical Society in London that celebrates 25 years of Basil Pao’s amazing travel photography. Pao has accompanied Michael Palin on eight of his acclaimed BBC TV series, shooting behind the scenes, and this new – free – exhibition will finally reveal the results in one place.

Running from 3 December to 25 January, the show marks the end of Michael Palin’s three-year stint as the president of the Royal Geographical Society.

From the Poles to the Himalayas, Basil Pao was with Pallin every step of the way on his incredible series of TV expeditions since 1988.

“Basil is one of the finest still photographers in the business,” Palin says, “and has become indispensable on my journeys. He loves good food and drink, takes lots of amazing photographs, and wears a straw hat everywhere ensuring that I never lose sight of the film crew.”

Entry to the exhibition is free. It will run from 10am – 5pm, Monday 3 December – Friday 25 January 2013 (including weekends), but excluding the period when the Society is closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays from Friday, 21 December – Tuesday, 1 January 2013 (inclusive).

Find out more at www.rgs.org