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Silva Ninox Headlamp

A top of the range headlamp designed to withstand the toughest conditions
Silva Ninox Headlamp


Silva Ninox Headlamp


Robust and fully waterproof to IPX7 standards.


The new Ninox from Silva showed off it’s unique design before it even made it into the testing arena just by packing it away. The Cocoon pouch built into the head strap neatly tidies away the unit and strap like rolling up a pair of socks. A handy space saver for fastidious campers.

At just 80g the headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries to produce a power beam of 70 Lumens. That kind of power can illuminate up to 40 meters ahead yet lasts 30 hours on the strongest of its six modes. Chances are if you’re heading out with fresh batteries installed you’ll rarely need to carry spares again.

With 3 brightness settings, a dazzling strobe and a red LED to preserve your night vision (that also strobes) you can get up to 90 hours of use with conservative settings.
The unit pivots vertically for directional control with two wide beam LEDs either side of the high powered one, providing a combination of flood and spot-light (also known as Silva’s Intelligent Light beam pattern).


A torch this bright, light, long lasting and weather resistant is ideal for any outdoor pursuits in the dark. With one simple glove friendly button, the ability to easily remove the unit from the strap, a built in plastic tool to open and close the battery lid and even a lanyard loop to hang the pouch this small and simple looking headlamp is packed with subtle features. To top it all off, when the batteries get below 30% power it automatically turns to power save mode, saving you from being unexpectedly plunged into darkness. What more could you need from such an essential piece of kit.

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